Managed Security Service

The core focus of Biznet is to keep networks and applications running - and to help assure that viruses, worms and other attacks do not impact the network or affect operations. Biznet has invested in developing and applying tools to achieve world-class reliability, security features and business continuity for businesses. Each security service in the Biznet portfolio provides a different and enhanced layer of protection.

Firewall Security

Biznet Managed Firewall services help protect organizations infrastructures with various network security functions. These fully-managed solutions are configured to match your specific requirements with flexibility to select the right level of protection.

Network Based Firewall

By placing firewall functionality into the Biznet network infrastructure, Biznet Network-Based Firewall service inspects inbound and outbound traffic and is designed to take action according to your predefined security policies. You can also select your company's required bandwidth allocation for Internet access globally through the firewall. The service is available world-wide with firewall configurations ranging from simple outbound only security policy to extensive bi-directional policy with optional features, such as Web filtering, malware scanning, intrusion detection and prevention, Application Control, Data Loss Prevention as well as support to protect multiple, independent network segments.

Web Application Firewall

Biznet Web Application Firewall service is a fully managed security service that combines Web Application Firewall technology with expert management . Web Application Firewalls are deployed in front of the application servers as a transparent Layer 2 bridge at the customer premises or in a Hosted environment. It provides protection without interrupting legitimate traffic to web applications.

Token Authentication Service

Organizations need to know who is gaining access to network applications to help avoid unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. This risk of exposing proprietary and sensitive information is magnified as the number of remote users accessing the network increases. Token Authentication service is a network access protection method that uses an enhanced security feature, called two-factor authentication, which requires a user to provide two unique factors to gain access to a private network: something they know (a password or PIN) and something they possess (an authenticator). This method makes it more difficult for a hacker to gain access to authentication credentials since the authenticator's token code changes randomly every sixty seconds and must be combined with a secret PIN selected by the user accessing the network.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security service is a fully managed solution to help protect both end users and company's internal systems from external hazards posed by doing business on the Internet. The service is designed to enforce compliance with customer-defined policies for firewall, anti-virus and software compliance at remote end points. The service also provides centralized management tools for control of remote end points and a path for customer to gain control over the applications operating on these end points.

Premises-Based Firewall

The Premises-Based Firewall service utilizes industry-leading firewall platforms from Cisco, Checkpoint, Fortinet and Juniper. They protect your network perimeter from the hazards resulting from connecting the Internet with your private network. Premises-Based solutions scale from small, home office environments to large globally distributed organization networks. The standard powerful firewall capability is complimented with the ability to add optional features including high availability, support for complex security policy, VPN, DMZ/extranet support and the Unified Threat Management (UTM) capabilities of Intrusion Prevention Service, Anti-Virus filtering, Anti-Spam protection and URL content filtering.

How do you benefit?

You retain control while achieving lower TCO, improved business performance, assured service levels and reduced risk: we help you create a more flexible, agile and 'always on' business.

  • Closed Rack Space
  • Secure Suite Space
  • Customize Space


What's Covered?

Biznet Managed IT Services from data centre to cloud service, from consulting to service desk and remote hand support, will slot into your own IT service delivery model at any level required. All services are aligned to the IT Infrastructure Library (ITILTM) framework for industry best practice. Service delivery includes: Service Delivery Management.

Program Management
Services including program planning and scheduling, program governance, risk mitigation, interface and liaison with client/third party vendors and providing overall communications, including reporting.
Vendor Management
Provides liaison services with third party vendors for hardware, software and related services. monitor vendor contractual commitments and service levels. manage vendor related escalations and deliverables.
Production Management
Services provided to ensure minimal disruption in the production environment and includes assigning a focal point in the production control center to attend to critical issues. change management processes to control changes in the production environment.
Service Desk
Services provided to handle and monitor incidents raised by the client and provide problem resolution within the defined sla period. it also includes providing daily and monthly metrics on incident volumes and status.
Service Level Management
Services provided to monitor, review and report the sla's as agreed with the client.
Release Management
Services provided include requirements management, change and version management related to what will be built for every release based on the approved release plan by the client.


Scope of Work Managed Services

A. 1st Level Support 24 x 7 x 365
  • YesEnvironment
  • Yes Internet Connection
  • YesCustomer Care
  • B. 2nd Level Support 24 x 7 x 365
  • Technical Assistance Center
  • OS and 3rd Party Apps Support
  • Senior Engineer
  • Project based
  • IMACD (Install, Move, Additings, Changes, Disposal)
  • Service responsibilities information systems / Reporting
  • C. Remote Hand and Eyes
  • Visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting
  • Pressing readily accessible buttons to reboot the device
  • Reconfiguration of non-restricted cables with push-on type connectors
  • D. System Monitoring & Management
  • Availability monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Application and service monitoring
  • System Backup Failure monitoring
  • IPS/IDS monitoring
  • MRTG (Network monitoring)
  • E. Tools Monitoring
  • Zenoss
  • Nagios
  • BMC/Remedy
  • F. Daily Operations
  • Management service responsibilities
  • Execution
  • Operational Procedure
  • Planning
  • G. Quality Management
  • Service level agreement monitoring
  • Operation level agreement
  • Monthly service review
  • Semi annually service agreement review
  • Periodic service performance review
  • Provide finding report to Service Delivery & Sistem Development
  • Review log of production deployment
  • Changes monitoring and workplan
  • Changes review and documentation
  • H. Security and Audit
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Intrusion detection
  • Penetration test
  • Security audit
  • Internal audit reporting semiannually
  • External audit reporting annually
  • I. Firewall Management
  • Provide consulting services to assist you with the development and implementation of your firewall rule base
  • Define load balancing and tuning of your content servers behind your firewall
  • Supported encryption configuration and domains of your enabled client(s) to your firewall VPNs
  • Implement changes to content security systems utilizing Content Vectoring Protocol and/or URL filtering protocol
  • Provide query capability to mechanisms that contain user ids and passwords
  • Perform network routing table(s) addition(s), subtraction(s) and ACLs
  • Implement changes to externally established authentication and password protection systems, such as Steel-Belted Radius, Secure ID, and/or Telemate
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    Managed Backup Service


    Managing enterprise back up has become increasingly compounded due to a multitude of reasons. Shrinking backup window and strict SLA adherence in global environment, risk due to backup failures, growing compliance requirement, explosion in data growth and cost constraints mean that organizations face complex challenges in backup management services. Enterprises need a robust backup management service that enables reduction in risk exposure and adheres to stringent service levels while being a cost effective solution.


    Biznet provides various additional services to its customers to fulfill their requirements on top of Biznet standard services. Biznet Backup Service is one of the additional services provided to customers, to answer the customers needs to have backup of their servers collocated or hosted in Biznet data center or the cloud server services that they subscribed.

    We are experienced in installing, configuring and maintaining the following solutions:

    • Disk-to-Disk
    • Tape
    • NAS
    • Cloud

    Backup Destination

    The backup service provides 3 options:
    • From disk to disk
    • From disk to disk to tape
    • From disk to tape

    Backup Retention

    Biznet Backup Service will provide a standard 7, 14 or 30 days retention policy, which can be customized base on customer request.

    Monitoring & Routine Tasks

    24 x 7 x 365 remote backup management operations and monitoring.

    Trouble Shooting & Permanent Remediation

    ITIL based continual improvement.

    Change Management

    Perform multiple tasks like change requests, configuration management, addition, removal or decommissioning of backup client server.

    Administration Planning

    Maintain standardized document and SOPs.

    Proactive Backup Management

    Proactive focus on ensuring backup timeliness and completion.


    Proprietary tools to improve backup management efficiency.

    Real-time Reporting

    Process Excellence
    ITIL framework for continual improvement
    Proven remote backup management process and methodologies.

    Flexible Service Windows

    Multiple options like 24X7, 8X5 remote backup management services, after-hours support, etc.


    How do you benefit?

    Growth in data complexity and storage requirements, along with the recent focus on corporate governance requirements, has forced many organizations to re-evaluate their data protection strategies. For many customers, the answer has been to outsource data protection altogether. The advantages of a service-based approach are:

    • Cost reduction
    • Maintaining focus on running the business
    • Gaining access to special expertise
    • Relieving resource constraints
    • Diminishing risk
    • Improving stability